We Care


The Care Ministry team is responsible for visits to those in our church family who are unable to worship with us on Sunday morning.  Currently we have 20 dedicated team members who deliver a CD of the Sunday service, the monthly "Source" and freshly baked cookies to those at home recovering from surgery or an illness;  to various care facilities, including those in Assisted Living, long term nursing care and Memory Care.  Hospital Visits are made by Pastor Alice Anderson, as well as by team members.

Prayer is an important part of our ministry both during visits and at our weekly meetings as we share the needs of those visited.  Pastor Phil Sommerville and Pastor Alice Anderson serve as our spiritual leaders, providing direction and encouragement to the Care Team members.  

We meet weekly on Monday morning and new teams members with a heart for this ministry are always welcome.

by Bill Williams

Recently, a friend asked, "When life has been turned upside down and God feels distant, how are we to handle adversity?" Sound familiar?

I'm sure that most of us have had moments when we have felt completely overwhelmed with life and its ever changing circumstances. The challenge is in the way we respond.

Let me encourage you. God has promised us in
Joshua 1:5 and Hebrews 13:5 that he will "never leave nor forsake us." Be assured, God is near and waiting for you to call on Him.

When faced with life's difficulties, I encourage you to stop and remind yourself of several unchangeable truths. First, recall who you are -
a child of the Living God, purchased at Calvary by the precious blood of Christ Jesus. Adversity does not mean that God doesn't love or value you. God's love for you has been established on the cross.

Second, remind yourself of God's character. God is good and wants the best for you. God is all powerful, all knowing and always present. God has a detailed plan for your life, a plan not to harm you, but to prosper and give you hope and a future. God is the author and provider of your salvation and He has prepared a place in heaven for you.

Finally, you can call on God at any time through prayer, sharing your concerns, frustrations, pain, weaknesses, needs and fears. God asks you to cast ALL your cares on Him, for He cares for you (
1 Peter 5:7 KJV).

Thank and praise God that you can come to Him with ALL your cares knowing that He cares for you.

In closing . . .God is there for you!